Sunday, May 29, 2011

ellen pompeo leaving grey anatomy

Ellen Pompeo leaving grey anatomy
Ellen Pompeo leaving grey anatomy. Will Ellen Pompeo, a 41 year old actress, know best for her work on Grey’s Anatomy, leave the show at the end of the Season? This is the question many have been asking.

During an interview by TV Line Pompeo was asked about the next Season of the Grey’s Anatomy show. Her response was unexpected. Pompeo noted that no one has been asked to join Season 8 yet. Therefore she cannot presume that there will be a Season 8 or that she will be apart of it.

As most of us know, Katherine Heigl has quit the show. There are rumors of others possibly leaving the show. Patrick Demsey’s contract with Grey’s Anatomy is up soon. For Grey’s Anatomy fans it leaves us wondering if there will be a Season 8 and if so who will remain on the show. It appears not even Ellen Pompeo knows how or if the who will end.


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