Wednesday, May 25, 2011

inside oprah winfrey house pictures

inside oprah winfrey house pictures. oprah winfrey house inside.
  • oprah winfrey house inside.

  • Andrew K.
    Jan 27, 06:09 PM
    My post-workout recovery drink:

    After researching, I discovered that chocolate milk has the same carb to protein ratio that expensive recovery drink mixes have (such as the P90X Recovery Drink). So, instead of spending around $60/month, I've elected to go with the chocolate milk, and to add a few supplements that are important for muscle recovery (which are found in those expensive drinks). Any excuse to drink chocolate milk is a good one.


    Oh damn I'm trying that! Thanks!

    inside oprah winfrey house pictures. Footage from inside her modest
  • Footage from inside her modest

  • Megakazbek
    Apr 13, 09:59 AM
    Wouldn't it be helpful to see a Gmail-style snippet of your new emails visible when you unlock your phone? Or possibly a small calendar display so you can see at a glance that there's a meeting you're booked into later? I guess it might be difficult to integrate these things without dramatically reducing the space visible for apps but I can imagine a lot of people having a use for this kind of functionality and Apple is denying people the choice at the moment.
    I think it may be useful for the lock screen. For home screen I don't think it's much more effective than just launching separate apps to look at mail or calendar.
    Anyway, I don't think that it's bad to have widgets or customization, I just think that it's not that important. It will make iOS better, but only a tiny bit better, it won't be any huge step forward.

    I still don't quite understand why people are so averse to the idea of a visible file system
    It gives too much irrelevant information and it's too easy to make it messy.
    For example, if I run Word on PC and click open file, then it will show me the whole filesystem with thousands of browseable folders, but only few of them actually contain any Word documents. Ideally, what I should be able to see instead is list of all Word documents on my computer and all connected devices in a very organized way that makes it easy to find any document in less than a second. I shouldn't care that one part of a report is in my local folder, another part is on flash drive and some other part is written by another dude and is on a network server, but file system wants me to care of these irrelevant things. I can think of hundreds other examples where file system gets in the way of organization and productivity. Basically, it's not the best way to manage documents and media and it should be superseded by something entirely different. And IMHO for Apple moving forward is so principal that they are willing to reject archaic ways of doing some things even if it's currently the ONLY way of doing them. Apple is like - do it the best way or don't do it at all.

    inside oprah winfrey house pictures. On her talk show Friday, Oprah
  • On her talk show Friday, Oprah

  • kryten3000
    May 1, 10:30 PM
    Intel sources state that Osama was kill during bombing in Pakistan with the complicity of Pakistani Intelligence. Also various governments have been alerted to possible retaliation against western targets.

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  • Oprah#39;s Weight Gain

  • Marc-Mustang
    Jul 21, 05:18 PM
    I know this does not have much to do with anything in this thread. I have heard Gates owns a some shares of Apple and was wondering how many or what percentage he owns. I have googled, ask jeeves, yahoo and searched this website for 45 minutes for the answer with no luck and thought you all in this thread could shed some light. Thanks for reading.


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  • build the dream home she

  • Chundles
    Oct 24, 08:38 AM
    What about MACBOOKS?!

    Hmmm.... let's see. Release two products and get ~1 week worth of press OR release 1 product followed 1 week later by another product and get 2 weeks of press.

    And don't be that annoying "Make everything huge" guy.

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  • toddybody
    Apr 13, 01:55 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8G4)

    Will it be a cinema display with receiver?

    Id love to see a new standard for "HD". 1440p would be nice...but current media would have to catch up. That said, I dont think Apple could make a cost effective television. Sorry, but theyd sell a 42inch TV for 2000.000 easy.


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  • Oprah Winfrey told the

  • Kate14
    Mar 11, 09:12 AM
    What do you all think about trying a Best Buy, Walmart, Target or AT&T location? Seems to me that lines will be longer at Apple stores. Cannot believe online ship time is 2-3 weeks. I should have called that.

    inside oprah winfrey house pictures. oprah winfrey house inside.
  • oprah winfrey house inside.

  • Parkin Pig
    Apr 9, 08:22 AM
    From the decommissioned power station at Thorpe Marsh, UK.
    It reminded me of the door Jim Carrey used to exit his 'world' in 'The Truman Show'.


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  • Oprah Winfrey´s home i Santa

  • Legion93
    May 2, 03:38 AM
    Because they have to bury him within 24 hours and Saudi Arabia didn't want his body - probably neither did the Pakistanis.

    What about the Afghani people?

    inside oprah winfrey house pictures. Oprah Winfrey
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  • SchneiderMan
    Jan 30, 04:31 PM
    I really like that bag! Very nice.

    Just had Five Guys with my brother. No one in my family but me takes him there. It's become our thing :) (

    Just went there for the first time yesterday to be disappointed =/
    Expensive and nothing special. The Habit is a better option imo :)


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  • Ben Logan
    Mar 31, 08:35 PM
    The audience here are the most toughest critics, but general public will appreciate the changes.
    I personally see nothing wrong with making software look like a real thing. It's one of the most natural user interfaces because people know how to use books, paper, and folder tabs.

    The problem with making iCal look like the real thing (in this case a leather bound calendar) is that brown leather bound calendars are hideous! :eek:

    I can't believe that the same company that hires Jonathan Ives to design such sleek, 60s modern hardware, can show such incredibly "bling" taste on the GUI design front.

    No offense though, please. YMMV.

    inside oprah winfrey house pictures. Talk-show host Oprah Winfrey
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  • FoxMcCloud
    Apr 24, 04:58 PM
    I'd laugh if the image was merely someone with a White iPhone in the UK with their T-Mobile SIM in :)


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  • ceremony -- Oprah Winfrey,

  • jaster2
    Mar 31, 09:23 PM
    Let's see. How about putting back the option to have alarm alerts turned off if iCal is closed but still on if opened. Anyone who ever uses their laptop for presentations would be so happy to have that feature back. How about putting back the ability to click once on an item in Month view and seeing details. Seriously. Is the point to keep taking away functions and make it look super hokey?

    inside oprah winfrey house pictures. OPRAH_WINFREY. Winfrey#39;s
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  • amanset
    Aug 15, 05:01 PM
    It must just be where I live but...everyone I know uses AIM, ichat, or adium (my weapon of choice) I dont have a single friend that uses yahoo or msn

    It does vary quite a lot by where you live. Living in Sweden (and coming from the UK) just about everyone I know uses MSN.


    inside oprah winfrey house pictures. oprah winfrey house inside.
  • oprah winfrey house inside.

  • Corey Grandy
    Jan 28, 09:06 AM
    I missed seeing it in theaters. That's a great deal for the price.

    I actually had never seen it, just didn't get around to it. I just bought it because it was a Michael Cera movie :P

    On-topic, this renewed itself today:

    inside oprah winfrey house pictures. Photo: Oxmoor House, ISBN
  • Photo: Oxmoor House, ISBN

  • Eraserhead
    Jul 25, 08:12 AM
    (the new 5G are a bit wider and thinner than the 4G) making any devices that the iPod "fits into" need to be retooled.

    My 5G iPod fits in my 3G dock just fine, the only problem is that it's thinner so it doesn't fit snugly. I think it will have a dock connector (for accessories) and a headphone socket and hld switch at least, though a splash power charger would be cool, i can just see your iPod falling off it, for a similar feature why not just include a dock to connect to your computer?


    inside oprah winfrey house pictures. oprah winfrey house inside.
  • oprah winfrey house inside.

  • Hunabku
    Jul 26, 05:20 PM
    Here we have a PDA device - virtual keyboard, gesture recognition, etc. with a strong possibility of direct connection to the internet (sans computer).

    Imagine your in a cafe with friends, some one says hey have you heard this song...? you go online (itunes) right there (wifi) access the song and load it up to your device - pop it into a new play list, rate it etc.

    Apple can remove a big barrier of complexity (computer) by making it all in one simple ipod-like device. So there is pobably an entire market strategy with itunes store, etc that extends from this new device. i just bet ya...

    inside oprah winfrey house pictures. oprah winfrey house pictures
  • oprah winfrey house pictures

  • Paul Graham
    Jan 26, 06:42 AM
    $90 shipped for 2TB on newegg. Can't beat that. (link ($S300W$

    I already have one and just bought the very same again! Very good ext drives!

    inside oprah winfrey house pictures. full video for free. Watch
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  • admyrick
    Sep 12, 08:55 PM
    Got this shirt this morning...

    Where did you get this from?

    iOS v Android
    Apr 29, 02:42 PM
    Yes. I am sure the number 3-25 top selling smartphones all have hardware keyboards.

    The 1 and 2 are both Apple iPhones and they don't have them though.

    I suspect the sales figures of the iPhone 4 and 3GS probably surpass the top 8-10 Android devices combined.

    That is called marketplace domination. Clearly a lot of people here don't have much business experience or understand how business works, but such control of a marketplace is significant, especially given the number of devices available for sale.

    Does HTC sell more smartphones than Apple? Does Motorola? How about Samsung? No, no and no.

    I believe samsung is the highest selling smartphone manufacturer when you take into account that it does have its own OS that it still sells. They are currently the highest selling phone manufacturer. It is difficult to compete with the iPhone. One factor many of you are simply ignoring is that if you want iOS on your phone you have to buy an iPhone. If you want android you do not have to buy a nexus. Limiting the amount of models that run the software will funnel all the sales into those models. It makes since when you think about it.

    The second thing is do people consider the phone "families". Like how Samsung makes the Galaxy S then they redo it several times in the Year. They release it on different carriers with slightly different bodies and button layout and different radios. It happens their is a Galaxy S phone on every major US Carrier. The LG Optimus 1 is on every US carrier but Boost mobile.

    Jan 25, 07:10 PM
    Apple just released its quarterly, and while it was higher than apple's expectations it did not meet analyst's expectations.

    Not quite. Q1 exceeded everyone expectations financially. But it was the appearance of slowing iPod sales that scared everyone. The reason that Apple made its numbers is because Mac sales were extremely strong and covered the slowing iPod growth.

    That and the very weak guidance for Q2 would scare a lot of investors who thought that Apple was a safe haven.


    Mar 31, 11:59 AM
    Yay - I see a full-screen button! Since I give most of my programs their own Spaces, this will be very nice.

    Oct 16, 03:06 PM
    I know with 2 Nvidia gtx 260's the Nvidia gtx 120 on the mac pro and other tweaking I could do a lot better but I'm reluctant to touch anything right now.

    Burger Thing
    Mar 31, 09:12 PM
    They ought to have a 'classic' mode for iCal so people can choose...i know it won't happen though

    Great. Then we could choose between a 'classic' and a last century look. :p

    As someone mentioned before, I find it hard to believe that a company with a designer talent which Ive is, would dare to publish an eye turd like that? :confused:

    If they really want software to resemble real world objects, then please make iCal to look like the Pirelli Calendar...

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