Wednesday, May 25, 2011

jeff conaway dead

jeff conaway dead. Jeff Conaway Dead Images: Worn
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  • steadysignal
    Apr 12, 04:55 PM
    Looks like ill be going to Android.

    its all good. the bionic will be out soon.

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  • Then there#39;s Jeff Conaway,

  • Stotka
    Sep 13, 10:06 AM
    Just got these two today.

    jeff conaway dead. Jeff Conaway hospitalised
  • Jeff Conaway hospitalised

  • WeegieMac
    Apr 22, 03:18 AM
    Got to love those championing Samsungs televisions.

    Horrible, cheap, nasty, overly plastic, flimsy pieces of *****.

    Their LED's and Plasma's are reasonable, but I'll never touch their LCD's again.

    Had them, sold them, put Bravias through the house. Sorted.

    jeff conaway dead. Comatose Jeff Conaway
  • Comatose Jeff Conaway

  • kevin.rivers
    Jul 28, 09:07 AM
    Here is my take on this.

    Apple has this market wrapped up. People don't know what an MP3 player is, they know what an iPod is.

    Those who love the Zune are hypocrites. Everyone hates the iPod. Why? Inferior everything. Plus you are locked into the iPod/iTunes/iTMS and can't do what you want with your music.

    Now, MS is doing the same thing. And everyone praises it. They are pulling the same add campaign as Sandisk was. Conforming isn't cool, don't be a sheep. If everyone starts buying a Zune aren't you still a sheep if you buy it? Not to mention they are dumping PlaysForSure, the DRM they helped build, and screwing tons of people who have bought PFS music already. Not to mention screwing their partners.

    The fact that the will buy you out of iTunes shows what kind of game they are playing. They don't care about consumers, all they care about is winning. All I can say is they are 5 years late to the ball game. Good luck.

    Also, it is slated that the big Zune will be $399, with a nice feature set including bluetooth, wifi, 30GB, big screen, etc.

    Apple will release new ipods. If they will replace the current iPods or be a new product I am not sure. But we expect them to be the true video iPod. In which case it will have more capacity and the same feature set if not more for the same price. With the brand recognition it has already they will surely win.


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  • Jeff Conaway (Frazier)

  • Plutonius
    Apr 26, 03:00 PM
    Hmmm ...

    I can honestly say that I have never been a WW in all the games I have played so far (including this one).

    What I have been is an active player with very good anti-WW analysis skills (which is what the WW hate :D ). It's your choice if you want my help or not.

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  • doctor-don
    Apr 24, 11:10 PM
    Not if they're grandfathered in! AT&T has stated in their proposal papers to the FCC that they're going to honor the T-Mobile plans in contract even if they upgrade phones.

    A T-Mobile rep told me the same thing. But he also said this process might take a year - IF it goes through.


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  • Dr. Drew Pinsky Defends Jeff

  • bbassett67
    Jul 12, 12:37 PM
    [QUOTE= As long as there's no Clippy.[/QUOTE]


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  • SciFrog
    Oct 18, 06:43 PM
    It is usable, but when you use it on your lap, it gets warmer and the CPU throttles down, resulting in slower times. I don't use it much so it works, and is under warranty... I rests on a laptop stand. It is the original 1.6Ghz, but seeing how some reputable magazine saw the slowdowns on the 2.13Ghz even more, not tempted to upgrade.


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  • Conaway Jeff Conaway

  • vincenz
    Feb 25, 11:25 AM
    This guy sure is a mess. He really needs to clean up before something bad happens.

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  • Grease alum Jeff Conaway,

  • blissmonkey
    Apr 12, 03:09 PM
    Exactly in the same boat except my 3G has a shattered screen with bits of glass that has fallen off. It has gone through hell and back but, I decided to wait since June is only a short wait away. Now, supposedly its been pushed back to september and I am planning on getting a new phone in either june or july since I will have some extra cash and can move to verizon on a family plan. I dont want to get the 4 when the new one is right around the corner. So, this pushing back to september means I'll probably move to the Droid. Hopefully the announcement is still in june and these rumors are just to throw us off since the last iPhone announcement wasnt very exciting since we all knew what was coming.


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  • darbus69
    Apr 26, 03:42 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Why is Apple always trying to make money with all their products and services, what other company does this ;)

    Why can't all Apple products and services be free, I deserve it :D

    thank you, someone who truly understands! I for one appreciate apple is a company which pours it's profits into MASSIVE R & D expenditures or makes fiscally responsible decisions with it's cash so that we all benefit with superior products, services and support, I am one extremely satisfied customer. anyone who whines should take their baby talk elsewhere, geez...

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  • ivan2002
    Apr 15, 09:43 AM
    They are already out in the wild. How do I know? Read below :)

    I was in a restaurant in the bay area earlier this week when a lady walked in...

    If you spent more time on this blog instead of in restaurants, you would know that mod jobs with white parts smuggled out of Foxconn factories have been around for many months now.

    What we are a lot more interested in here is this rumored sighting of a lady in the wild!
    Tells us more about her. :D


    jeff conaway dead. Jeff Conaway hospitalised
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  • dethmaShine
    Apr 13, 10:51 AM
    Sorry, refuse to see what ? You posted a TechCrunch article which refuted itself. You did not post an engadget story. What am I refusing to see exactly ? I'm reading the links you supplied. Supply links that at least support your position next time, and I won't "refuse to see it" like you say.

    Next, your Engadget article was refuted. Hardly justification to propose as fact that apple "envisionned" anything as far as Thunderbolt goes.

    I'm not questioning that they played a role, be it major or minor, I'm questioning the importance Chuppa is giving Apple which his choice of "envision". All history of TB points to the contrary. Your engadget article is the first to say that Apple envisionned it and it was quickly refuted.

    So again : Citation Needed.

    Cool it down.

    It is possible that Apple 'dictated'. It is possible that intel did it on their own. No one has a concrete answer to this. So it's better to let it go.

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  • Jeff Conaway in quot;Celebrity

  • hobo.hopkins
    Mar 31, 01:13 PM
    Bad interfaces based on silly metaphors isn't a new phenomenon at Apple. May I remind you of this abomination?

    To be fair, the brushed metal interface first debuted in 1999 with Quicktime 4.0. Compared to the horrendous user interfaces of the time period, that looks amazing. It is sad though that it took them until leopard to get rid of it...


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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 16, 04:15 PM
    Why would you need 64 bit for a MBA? To fly off those huge sample libraries that the processor would lock up over?
    64 bit is only for massive memory allocations and a MBA doesn't even have the CPU to pull it off... :rolleyes:

    Well, for starters, to prevent the damn year 2038 problem.

    Seriously though, there are a few benefits of running in 64 bit mode even on older processors. memory mapped files for bigger files that would otherwise use up more than the 32 bit address space are now possible and 64 bit registers can speed up a few types of programs, even those that don't deal with very large datasets.

    By your line of thinking, who needs 64 bit at all ? My 233 mhz UltraSparc II should have just been a 32bit processor. :rolleyes:

    The plain fact is the C2D is a capable x86-64 processor, there's no good reason to hold it back with a 32 bit kernel.

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  • Gary Busey, Jeff Conaway,

  • Eldiablojoe
    Apr 26, 02:32 PM
    Ok, well- I want my vote to count for something so I'm changing it To Plutonius.

    Sorry- HTML skills lagging lol


    jeff conaway dead. jeff conaway shoots butch
  • jeff conaway shoots butch

  • rmhop81
    Apr 27, 07:40 AM
    cloud based this and cloud based that, what about the traffic that comes with that? , i pay a lot for mobile internet and i`m not willing to pay a **** load more just so i can use my ipod, why wold i pay my cell phone network every time i want to listen to a song i already pay`d for.
    As far as i`m concern cloud based stuff shod be introduced when cell phone network providers are willing to give unlimited traffic plans at a decent cost, until that time it`s pure nonsense.

    obviously you aren't going to be a paying customer. what's so difficult about this?

    jeff conaway dead. a still sober Jeff Conaway
  • a still sober Jeff Conaway

  • Digital Skunk
    Apr 24, 04:13 PM
    All we need now is an iPhone worthy of Sprint's network.

    4.3" screen

    NO buttons

    etc. . . . . you know . . . an EVO that runs iOS.

    Or, the app makers that I've been bugging for years can just port to Android, then I and many other would be happy campers.

    jeff conaway dead. /Jeff conaway shoots butch patrick/ gt;gt; utch patrick beverly hillbillies/
  • /Jeff conaway shoots butch patrick/ gt;gt; utch patrick beverly hillbillies/

  • louiek
    Apr 28, 04:05 PM
    For the love of god, does no one with a white iPhone own a pair of calipers?

    Apr 21, 10:56 PM
    Even more entertaining is the fact that Apple is so arrogant they fail to realize how stupid they look.

    Suing their biggest vendor.

    It doesn't get any more stupid than that.

    The only stupid thing Apple did was to not realize that other companies are copying their designs left and right. Samsung has always been the worst of all. They copy everything. It is in their nature to do so. Look at everything they make. It is all a copycat in one form or another.

    Nov 3, 02:06 PM
    all i have to say is that vmware is a strong company financially with a very good long term vision/proven track record, there's no way parallels will survive. there's no way all the hardware companies will fully cooperate with parallels, i don't see them lasting, you're better off putting money in vmware, they'll give you a good product, they've been doing it longer and better. but i understand how it is with firsts, it's always hard to part with them. ;)

    even though i didn't get an invite into the beta program, i'm shocked at how quick they're actually executing. that indian exec at vmware said it would be coming soon at the last wwdc, but this is great.

    Apr 26, 12:42 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Seriously, can you do anything without Apple getting their cut? It seems odd that you would buy music from them then have to pay to store it. It's like earning your paycheck after income and state tax are taken out and then buying something with the money and getting charged sales tax on it.

    Isn't that the way US commerce works now?!?!?

    and this isn't something you're obligated to do - this is an optional service of convenience. :rolleyes:

    Sep 30, 09:55 AM
    This is exactly the reason I'm not moving to NY anytime soon.....:p

    Apr 24, 04:35 PM
    Oh please, get off your PC high horse for a second and come back to reality. Yeah, no one should get beat up and bullied. I'd also love for the world to be filled with rainbows and unicorns all the time too. However, if I walk around drunk in a bad part of town flashing a suitcase full of cash, well I shouldn't be shocked that I get robbed. I know people don't like to take personal responsibility for their actions these days and everyone's ready to sue someone else because nothing is ever their fault. But most reasonable people should realize that being drunk in the ghetto as a transgendered guy isn't the brightest idea.

    Not "the brightest idea"?

    What difference does it make exactly?

    Does it make her any less assaulted?

    Does it make a video of of her assault and outing any less all over the internet?

    Does it make the perpetrators justified?

    Does it make it OK that nobody properly intervened?

    But none of that is important really. You think she's stupid. You think expecting a basic level of human rights and dignity, that's the same as expecting the world to be filled with rainbows and unicorns all the time.

    Just dimiss it and carry on with your life.

    There's nothing you can change.

    Donating ( probably ( doesn't help.

    Writing to your ( representatives ( What's the point?

    Volunteering ( isn't an option.

    Letting McDonalds know ( your custom requires them to work to prevent this in the future, why bother?

    And, most pointless of all, developing your own understanding of trans issues, becoming a trans advocate and ally in your own life, and simply unreservedly condemning discrimination and violence against trans people without telling people how it is their own fault.. well, that's like rainbows and unicorns.

    The world is an awful place. And you have your own problems, we've all got our own problems. People should just be more careful. Less stupid.

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