Monday, May 30, 2011

Lee Sora introduces hip hop on “I Am a Singer” with special guests, Soul Dive

On May 29th, fans of hip hop rejoiced over Lee Sora’s collaboration with Soul Dive on MBC’s “I Am a Singer“, as it was the first time in the show’s prestigious history that hip hop music was performed.

Immediately after the broadcast, underground trio Soul Dive ranked first on numerous search portals for their impressive performance with Lee Sora. Working alongside DJ Juice, they covered a re-arrangement of Soul Dive’s recent hit with Im Jae Bum, “The Fist Cries“.

Viewers are hailing this stage as the biggest transformation any artist on the show has undertaken, and are praising Lee Sora for daring to step out of the box.

Soul Dive commented, “It was an honor for us to even be able to perform with one of our greatest seniors. We took part in her stage with passion, and we’re sure that this will be a memory we will never forget. We’d also like to express our gratitude towards senior Im Jae Bum.”

Viewers weren’t the only ones who praised Soul Dive, as respected hip hop artists like Eluphant’s Minos tweeted, “Jealous of their collaboration! Please watch today’s ‘I Am a Singer.’ Their stage will make your soul stop in your tracks and send applause and support.”

Jerry.k of Loquence tweeted, “Soul Dive performed on ‘I Am a Singer.’ Since the show is limited to singers, I think this performance exhibits two very realistic sides of the current state of the industry, in that although rappers were able to break through to their territory, it is still only as a ‘with’ featuring, which is a limitation to our abilities.”

Check out their performance below!

source: allkpop

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