Monday, May 30, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Stars In 90-Second Art Film

Watch Lindsay pout and stare in bra and undies in her last “big” gig before house arrest. The Gotti: Three Generations actress is currently on lockdown in her upscale Malibu mansion as part of a plea deal in a theft/probation violation case that garnered headlines last winter, but before beginning her sentence, LiLo made herself useful by lending her famous form to this arthouse short film, with painter/filmmaker Richard Phillips at the helm.

It’s not a speaking role, and there’s absolutely no storyline, but Lindsay’s totally the star of this two-minute short, which features Lindsay pouting and staring pensively into space, Lindsay pouting and staring pensively at the camera, and (Wait for if….) Lindsay pouting and staring pensively out to sea. Get the picture?

Oh and slow-mo Lindsay swimming in her bra and undies.

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