Saturday, May 21, 2011

Man finds thousands in cash at new home

Man finds thousands in cash at new home
Man finds thousands in cash at new home. A man who found more than $40,000 cash in the Utah home he recently bought has returned the money to its rightful owner, The Salt Lake City Tribune reported Thursday.

Josh Ferrin discovered the money stuffed in eight ammo boxes in the attic while he was exploring a workshop room in the Bountiful home on Tuesday.

"I opened it up, freaked out. Closed it, locked it in my truck and called my wife," Ferrin said of the surprise.

At the time he thought of his car troubles, repairs and renovations for the house and his desire to adopt a child -- but he returned it to the owner.

"I couldn't let myself consider the money mine," he said.

"This little guy [the previous homeowner] didn't put it there for me. He put it there for a rainy day," he said.

Ferrin took the eight boxes to his parents' home, where he counted the money with his wife Tara and two children, Oliver and Lincoln.

The previous owner of the home was Arnold Bangerter, a father of six who died in November. Bangerter, who worked for the state's fisheries, purchased the home in the mid-1960s because of the giant tree in the backyard.

"I knew he was a father and I am a father, too. And I can understand thinking about the future and your children," Ferrin said.

Ferrin tracked down Bangerter's youngest son Dennis and his brother Kay who said they would split the money between the six siblings.

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