Saturday, May 21, 2011

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  • LagunaSol
    Apr 19, 09:23 AM
    Salesperson: Sir, they're only vaguely the same shape.

    And I don't think "vaguely" means what you think it means.

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  • JMP
    Apr 30, 06:53 PM
    Anger management is a good thing.

    Thank you

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  • stew278
    Sep 13, 10:44 PM
    looks pretty lame. (what's been mocked up)

    this rumored phone better have some great features most haven't thought of to make it a real seller. form factors like that alone won't sell much.

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  • iMeowbot
    Oct 12, 07:26 PM
    Some strange arguments come up whenever this Red business is mentioned. Follow the link for information on what this is really about.

    They act as a clearing house, kind of like the United Way in the US. Programs are run by other groups.

    Most of the money is earmarked for tuberculosis and malaria, less than half is spent on HIV-related programs.

    Spending is not restricted to women and children. Programs are evaluated for their ability to work against discriminatory effects, and in many parts of the world that will mean that men need less help.

    This is not only for some countries in Africa. Funds are sent to all but the richest parts of the world.

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  • weg
    Aug 29, 02:25 AM
    all the people who said it's only marginal at best can stick it where the sun don't shine!

    The only place where I can use my PB 12"...

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  • HecubusPro
    Aug 28, 06:08 PM
    "Originally Posted by X5-452
    So, uh.... PowerBook G5's tomorrow?"

    Ha, it makes me laugh still, 'cause it annoys other people..! :p

    You certainly know how to make friends, sir.

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  • Pavia
    Mar 22, 06:31 PM
    Finally some iMac news :)!

    Getting a high-end 27" no matter what. My early 2010 MacBook Pro was stolen in last february, and I've been using a ****** PC ever since. I want a Mac again!

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  • Rodimus Prime
    Apr 25, 12:35 AM
    *BMW M5 (my mother's weekend car)
    *Brakes were replaced less than a week ago during the car's 100,000 mile service
    *Michelin Pilot SuperSport Tires, they are less than a year old, the pressure is 44psi front 48psi rear (per BMW's recontamination), tire pressure was checked less than 48 hours ago when the car last had gas put in it
    *Tire treads are inspected every time gas is put in the car, suspension was clean according to our BMW dealership


    and you are still a crappy as driver and should have his DL pulled.

    Btw radar detectors are worthless against the Lidar guns. When the detector goes off it is tell you that you have just been clock. Be prepared to pull over. It does not give you ANY early warning.

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  • Joshuarocks
    Apr 19, 10:12 AM
    Minimum wage needs to be increased, national healthcare needs to be implemented and tax holes closed. This country would be in a lot better shape as far as it's lower classes go, imo.

    We need unions to protect people from abusive BS like this ( Either that or we just need to have a limit on how big a company can get before it has to become the property of the employees.

    My answer: Walmart needs to be destroyed.. and bringing their blood-thirsty corporation to their feet is what I have planned for them.

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  • dmelgar
    Mar 23, 05:15 PM
    Censorship! Don't do it, Apple!

    What, its ok for Apple to censor based on its whims, but not the government?

    Actually I think they're both wrong. Shouldn't censor. Once the government starts censoring what information was can access, what else is next?

    Bleep out phone calls is someone mentions a DUI checkpoint?
    Remove all DUI checkpoint discussions from Google? Remove them entirely from the web?

    Censorship is a slippery slope. Apple has invited this level of control because of their own Orwellian rules on the app store.

    So much for freedom of speech. We are losing all our supposed 'freedoms' in this country at an alarming rate, and few care or notice.

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  • siii
    Apr 4, 12:07 PM
    Only in America.... Bad form unless it was in defence. How about non lethal take downs, fair courts and appropriate justice, such as jail with community service, get criminals doing something constructive for society and trying to get them back on track?

    The right to carry guns and to kill absolutely baffles me. Surely shooting and killing is a worser crime than stealing? The threat of being shot/killed sounds too authoritarian/totalitarian for me.

    I can't believe the mentality of people on these forums sometimes! Each to their own I guess... Democracy and all...

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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 19, 07:03 AM
    I think this may be one of those stories where the media make it sound much bigger than it is. A load of lawyers will make a ton of money and the two companies will come to some sort of licensing agreement or Apple will get a discount on some of the parts they buy.

    Or this will drag out for years and be eventually settled/judged when it is completely irrelevant. Actually, this is the most likely outcome, since all civil lawsuits over IP in the states last for years.

    We'll never quite know what happened nor do I believe anyone will dig deep enough so we actually know Apple's claims in all of this.

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  • Analog Kid
    Sep 13, 10:17 PM
    Chrome backed radio, eh? I suppose they could use the tin can and your head to form a slot antenna...

    No mention of a camera-- I find it strange that Apple wouldn't include one and strange that a description of the phone wouldn't call it out as one of the early bullet items.

    But then, I'm an iPhone skeptic so...

    I do know that Apple has spread false information to ferret out leaks in the past-- I hope the source doesn't get caught in any kind of trap like that...

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  • crap freakboy
    Jul 14, 11:28 AM
    Remember that the pulse width is the reciprocal of frequency. At 4 GHz, the pulse width is 250 picoseconds. Light travels 0.000075 km in 250 picoseconds. There are 1 million mm in a km, hence light travels about 75mm in that time.

    The size of the Core 2 chip is 143 square mm, or about 12mm x 12mm and getting smaller with each new process generation. At 4GHz, a single pulse can go back and forth across the chip at least 6 times.

    In practice, propagation delays of this type are analyzed by CAD tools and the chip's physical layout is designed to minimize the signal path.

    that was just noise.

    Either way I'll wait until the imac gets a desktop chip rather than a Laptop one.

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  • toughboy
    Aug 31, 11:45 AM
    I don't care what it is, just give us something new to talk about. Mac Pro really nice machine but we saw it coming months in advance. Maybe not he exact spec but yeah we all knew it was coming. Same with Merom, Conroe etc... Give us something new, really new. All we have had for what seems like an age is Intel switch this Intel switch that. I don't care what processor they use as long as they are faster than they were before and it's still a Mac. I want nay, need a new product - something so I know that Apple are still innovating. Switching to Intel, no innovation there just good sense.

    Stop reading forums and rumor sites, and everything will be news to you..

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  • Eidorian
    Aug 28, 01:06 PM


    Gotcha, Merom. Thanks guys. :)I wonder if some people read the guide I made at all. :confused:

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  • zango
    Apr 25, 02:01 PM
    Didn't Apple recently hire someone that deals with carbon-fibre? Guessing might have something to do with that...

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  • milo
    Aug 28, 01:59 PM
    Um, it's most current whenever you buy it.

    As long as you're not buying the past generation, anyway.

    If you walked into the Apple Store today and bought a 2GHz MacBook, it'd be the most current.

    But if you buy right after an update, instead of right before, your computer will remain current for a longer time. Can't really blame people for wanting to hold out for a rev, especially when it's inevitable that it will be very soon.

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  • ValSalva
    Apr 25, 05:29 PM
    I love this idea so I'll just add on
    As for 6, I either would like it to be 14in in the same form factor (less bezel) or just make it a smaller 13in with less bezel.

    7. Do a hybrid HDD/SSD drive, like Seagate has.

    8. Remove optical drive (makes room for things I actually use, like processors/gpus/cooling)

    9. Make a matte option on the 13in, (ideally ditch the glass in general for either regular glossy or matte screens)

    10. Make the laptop slightly lighter, like .2-.5lbs lighter

    11. Put a real GPU in the 13in

    12. Also somehow fit a quad core in the 13in

    13. Allow for 16GB of RAM

    If they did all this by next summer, well gosh I would be the happiest guy in the world but even half of these things would be pretty nice.

    The new 13" MBP will accept 16GB of RAM. It's pricey ( though.

    Apr 22, 09:35 AM
    it not be too long until all music is purchased in digital format and only accessible via a cloud service. this means thats actually having a copy of a song (to share) will be a thing of the past. You pay your $9.99 for an album and happily listen to it for a couple of years, then the labels decided that album is more valuable than the original price and ask you for another $2 if you wish to access it again from the cloud.

    I actually expect it to be worse than that.

    Imagine if you 'buy' a cloud-only song for 99 cents, The fine-print will say that this 'rental' is only good for 90 days or 1 year. You'll then have to 'buy it again' to keep listening to the song. Or there might be a limit of 100 times to listen to the song. And in 10 years, we'll think of this as the 'norm'.

    There are so many ingenious ways to make money when you don't own the actual physical media, and I'm sure the record labels are devising these schemes as we speak.

    Jul 16, 01:02 AM
    There is no way apple with go with Merom for the imac. One huge factor you are all ignoring, is price. Merom cost alot more than conroe for the same speed. Apple will try to lower cost, and that means going with Conroe.

    Sep 19, 03:44 PM
    You do know that all this talk of Wal-Mart only applies to the US? They mean nothing out in the rest of the world, which is where Apple is taking this service.

    Wal-Mart of big, but they are not that big.

    Apple can still make a lot of money with Disney for the moment, they have the hearts of minds of children everywhere and parents are inclined sometimes to do things for their children, including downloading movies.

    Then there is art house movies and independent movie companies which probably never see the light of day in a Wal-Mart store. There is to much going on that could be stopped by Wal-Mart.

    Sucks to be them but they are not exactly the nicest company around.

    Aug 23, 07:38 PM
    There's more to this than anyone here as realised I believe.

    A hundred with 6 zero's is an awful lot of cash, even for Apple, but what gets me is just how quickly this has been settled.

    Before going down that road though, lets understand that fighting this case could have cost Apple between, let's say half as much and maybe 3 times as much, so it's a fair gamble. Additionally it seems that Apple have endorsed the creative patent, which may pave the way to creative receiving further license fees of which it seems Apple will receive a share.

    The deal also lets creative move into the accessory market with made for ipod and out of the mp3 player market. I don't know if this is usual but I have an ipod which cost � 270, but I have around � 400 of made for ipod accessories. Perhaps creative will earn more from accessories than their zen. creative have struggled against the ipod, the zune may not have a significant impact on ipod sales but it would destroy the zen.

    In many ways it is all the accessories for the ipod that make it so irresistible. creative may not only join the made for ipod market, but enhance it and ultimately benefit Apple. Also whilst not clear here whether the tag is free or not, I believe the made for ipod tag earns apple 10% of sales, which if not free is likely to recover all if not more than the $100 m paid to creative.

    Now to the issue of how quickly Apple settled. I have to wonder why Apple could not have hung on for 6 months, offered creative half or 3/4 as much and had their hand snapped off because of creative's declining situation. Put simply I believe the deal had to be done quickly because Apple are about to announce something big, something that may have made the $ 100m look miniscule.

    I was thinking the same thing. Creative was asking for a cease order to stop deliveries from Asia. There must be something on that super transport leaving Shanghai harbor last week.

    Sep 19, 03:30 PM
    I think this is a result of people testing out the service. You can't possibly quantify how successful this will be until it's been around long enough for the "newness" to wear off and for real-world usage to begin.

    125,000 downloads really isn't that big of a number. Especially considering the mass media coverage of the announcement and the vast number of people using iTunes.

    The jury is still way out.

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