Sunday, May 29, 2011

A traveler

"A traveler needs optimism and heart."
- P Theroux, wsj intervirew

1. I heart David Mamet, continued

Weird. This williamt post is almost 3 years old: williamt - I heart David Mamet

The WSJ interviewed him this weekend about his philosophical transformation.

I've directly experienced the QOTD below. I had a date with a city girl. She was more than flabbergasted when she learned that I did not vote for President Obama (I know, I know... don't talk politics on a first date... but she started it, he he!). After I talked her off the ledge, she told me that she didn't know anyone who hadn't voted for Obama... didn't know anyone who didn't vote straight democrat... didn't know anyone who didn't read the NY Times... and so on.

She declared this myopia without pause or reflection. It just was. She was exposed to only one political view, presumably over her lifetime.

Before he moved to California, Mr. Mamet had never met a self-described conservative or read one's writings. He'd never heard of Messrs. Sowell or Steele. "No one on the left has," he tells me. "I realized I lived in this bubble."
- David Mamet, on his NYNY leftie bubble

Mamet was interview because he has a new book out: The Secret Knowledge.
It's in my Amazon cart, and BTW, it's yet another non-Kindle purchase.
  • Hardcover cost = $15.80
  • Kindle bits cost = $14.99
"Not with my money."
Mr. Potter or William T?!?!?

2. Panda 2
Movie: Kung Fu Panda 2
Review: 3 bill-stars (out of 5)... OK.

The original Panda was transcendent. This one was just OK. It was a shadow of the original, but it was still positive and worth it (for 90 minutes).

After the movie, Ty celebrated by blowing the heads off aliens for about 5 minutes (or should I say 1 dollar), and then we went to get mini-burgers.
excellent... yow, bill

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