Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Land Down Under

As the sun comes up I realize I'm on the other side of the globe, just about to arrive in Sydney:

Although Australian culture is very close to Canadian there are definatly subtle differences. Notice the little blue symbol on the sign? That's used to denote surfing, not skiing. As if! That's a skier if I ever saw one, of course the weather doesn't really lend itself to snow bunnies eh ;-)

Driving through Sydney on route to the suburb of Manly: (click for video)

That's Sydney in the background, if I could take a decent night pic with my crappy camera you'd see the amazing lights from downtown. What a view! This is home base for my travels around Oz over the next 5 weeks:

The beach in Manly (Sydney), click pic below for a video:

Time to hit the beach, my surf nickname is "Goggle-Google-Boy" relating to my geek and swimmer background, just great. They couldn't have just called me "Spikey" or something?!? ;-)

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