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Are u familiar with this character?!?!?! Yup, u right this is one of the coffee prince's caricature episode.......

from :

C.O.F.F.E.E.. P.R.I.N.C.E.

Synopsis from  :

With a foolish mother and the need to look after her younger sister, “pretty boy” Go Eun Chan (Yoon Eun Hye) has to give up her feminine image to help support the family with multiple jobs. Because of her previous experience with Tae Kwon Do, Eun Chan has quite the bold and opinionated personality. Choi Han Kyul (Gong Yoo) seems to know women well and thinks of himself as a great guy.

After accidentally being mistaken for a man by Han Kyul’s older brother, Choi Han Seong, she starts working at Coffee Prince, and falls in love with the hot-tempered owner Choi Han Kyul. Han Kyul hires Eun Chan to avoid an arranged marrage by pretending to be romantically linked to a “gay” Eun Chan. But Choi Han Kyul slowly starts to develop feelings for her, but still doesn’t believe in love. Eun Chan also starts to have feelings for Han Kyul but can’t confess that she’s a woman, Han Kyul, continues thinking that the agonized Go Eun Chan is a man. Choi Han Kyul thinks he’s experiencing feelings of homosexuality towards her, and gets heartsick. This side of him was drawn in a risky but fun way.

The part when he discovers that Go Eun Chan is a woman is shown in an undemanding way, and the story doesn’t concentrate on just these two people, but also on the other people who frequent Coffee Prince. These people are shown one by one in a natural way, and since the story isn’t just about romance but about the natural conflicts of all the characters.

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Shan Hu Hai
Coral Sea

Jay Chou feat. Lara

海平面远方开始掩埋 悲伤要怎么平静纯白
hai ping mian yuan fang kai shi yan mai / bei shang yao zhe me ping jing chun bai
The sea from far began to cover the surface , How could my sadness be calmed down

我的脸上始终夹带 淹没浅浅的无奈
wo de lian shang shi zhong jia dai / yan mo qian qian de wu nai
I remained straight-faced, trying to cover a hint of resignation

ni yong chun yu shuo ni yao li kai
You said that you wanted to leave

qing bu zai
Love is absent

他难过无声的留下来 汹涌潮水
ta nan guo wu sheng de liu xia lai / xiong yong chao sui
He remained silent with a tinge of sadness. The raging waves

一定明白 不是浪而是泪海
yi ding ming bai / bu shi lang er shi lei hai
(We) will understand that it is not the waves but a sea full of tears

转身离开 认真说不出来
zhuan shen li kai / ren zhen shuo bu chu lai
Turn around and leave, I can’t speak out sincerely

ni you hua shuo bu chu lai
You have something to say but you can’t speak

海鸟跟鱼相爱 只是一场意外
hai niao gen yu xiang ai / zhi shi yi chang yi wai
The love between a sea-bird and a fish, is only an accidental occurence

我们的爱 争议一直存在
wo men de ai / zheng yi yi zhi cun zai
Our love, has always been a controversial matter

给你的爱 爭議一直存在 回不來
gei ni de ai / zheng yi yi zhi chun zai hui bu lai
Our love has always existed, we can’t go back

永久真爱 竟累积成伤害
yong jiu zhen ai / jing lei ji cheng shang hai
A love forever true, ends up accumulating pain
deng dai jing li ji ci shang hai
How many times has waiting lead to pain?

轉身離開 分手說不出來
zhuan shen li kai/fen shou shuo bu chu lai
You have something to say but you can’t speak

蔚蓝的珊瑚海 错过瞬间苍白
wei lan de shan hu hai / cuo guo shun jian cang bai
An azure coral sea, a missed momentary paleness

当初彼此 不够成熟坦白
dang chu bi ci / bu gou cheng shou tan bai
At the beginning, both of our immature confessions
你有我的 不够成熟坦白 不应该
ni you wo de / bu gou cheng shou tan bai / bu ying gai
You have my immature confession; that shouldn’t be

热情不在 笑容勉强不来
re qing bu zai / xiao rong mian qiang bu lai
When there’s no more warm feelings, smiles cannot be forced
ni de xiao rong mian qiang bu lai
Your smiles cannot be forced

ai shen mai shan hu hai
Love is buried deep within the coral sea

毁坏的沙碉如何重来 有裂痕的爱怎么重盖
hui huai de sa diao ru he chong lai / you lie heng de ai zhe me chong gai
How do (we) rebuild the damaged sand sculpture , how could a relationship with cracks be fixed?

只是一切 结束太快 你说你无法释怀
zhi shi yi qie / jie shu tai kuai / ni shuo ni wu fa shi huai
Only that all has ended too quickly and you said you could not understand why

bei ke li ying cang she me qi dai
What surprises await in the shell

deng hua er kai
Waiting for the flowers to bloom

wo men ye yi jing wu xin zai cai
We do not want to play the guessing game anymore

lian shang hai feng / lian shang hai feng / xian xian de ai / xian xian de ai / cheng bu chu hai you wei lai
The sea breeze caressing the face , the salty love , (We) could not suppress the feelings for the future


Shan Hu Hai - Jay Chow feat Lara


dental's health info

These esthetically appealing braces are available in translucent white to blend with the teeth making them less visible than traditional braces. Lingual braces are applied behind the teeth as compared to metal or ceramic braces which are applied to the front of your teeth. Often called “Invisible Braces”, they are the best and only non-visible form of fixed orthodontic therapy. Although lingual braces are more expensive they offer a highly cosmetic alternative to those patients who otherwise would not consider treatment.

How well do they work?

Lingual braces will transform the way you look. If your teeth are badly aligned now, they are also probably affecting your facial appearance. Since the alignment of your teeth contributes greatly to the way your mouth and jaws look, improved alignment results in a more attractive facial appearance. The way your teeth are aligned also affects your bite, as well as the bone and gum tissue. Proper alignment of your teeth and a correct bite promotes overall good oral health. Lingual braces are just as effective as traditional braces but as they are at the back, your teeth are not obscured and you can see your smile improve daily.

Can anyone wear lingual braces?

Yes, most adults and teens who can wear braces on the front of their teeth can wear concealed braces. However, some people with very small teeth or with certain "bites" are better treated with traditional appliances. An orthodontic evaluation will let you know if "invisible" braces might be for you.

Does the treatment take longer?

No, treatment time is comparable to that of traditional braces and sometimes even shorter. Some cases respond more efficiently to Lingual Braces due to certain mechanical advantages of the appliance.

Are Lingual Braces more uncomfortable than traditional braces?

Initial discomfort is similar to that of traditional braces. The difference is that the Lingual Braces will affect the tongue and traditional braces will affect the cheeks and lips. Soreness of the tongue usually lasts only for a few weeks and frequent salt water rinses help avoid discomfort. Once the oral tissues have "toughened" the braces are very comfortable. Patients tend to take approximately 1-4 weeks before they achieve a reasonable comfort level.

Are they expensive?

Although treatment time is similar, lingual braces are more expensive than traditional braces. Special instrumentation, equipment, orthodontists and staff training are required for this technique. The treatment is more sophisticated and the personal time and training required by the orthodontist and his staff is considerably greater.

How easy are they to keep clean?

As always, it is vitally important for you to maintain good oral hygiene and you should brush after every meal. Regular examinations by your family dentist are recommended during the orthodontic treatment period. A water pick or electronic toothbrush is also helpful. If dental plaque is allowed to become thick around the brace the plaque itself may damage the teeth. Instruction will be given on the use of special brushes.

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Sean Kingston


You're way too beautiful girl
That's why it'll never work
*You had* have me suicidal, suicidal
When you say it's over
Damn all these beautiful girls
They only wanna do your dirt
They'll have you suicidal, suicidal
When they say it's over

          Verse 1:
See it started at the park
Used to chill after dark
Oh when you took my heart
That's when we fell apart
Cuz we both thought
love lasts forever (lasts forever)
They say we're too young
To get ourselves sprung
Oh we didn't care
We made it very clear
And they also said
That we couldn't last together (last together)

See it's very define, girl
your one of a kind
But you mush up my mind
You walk to get declined
Oh Lord...
My baby is driving me crazy

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 2:
It was back in '99
Watchin' movies all the time
Oh when I went away
For doin' my first crime
And I never thought
That we was gonna see each other (see each other)
And then I came out
mami moved me down South
Oh I'm with my girl
Who I thought was my world
It came out to be
That she wasn't the girl for me (girl for me)

(Repeat Refrain *then* Chorus)

Verse 3:
Now we're fussin'
And now we're fightin'
Please tell me why
I'm feelin' slightin'
And I don't know
How to make it better (make it better)
You're datin' other guys
You're tellin' me lies
Oh I can't believe
What I'm seein' with my eyes
I'm losin' my mind
And I don't think it's clever (think it's clever)

You're way too beautiful girl
That's why it'll never work
You had me suicidal, suicidal, suicidal...

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jay's photo collection

wanna see Jay Chow when he was young....(~.^)v or maybe u hav been looking 'n still courious about what he did lately..hauhaua so u must see this photos.. enjoy it!!! for more photo just click


BEIJING, Jan. 29 -- Hong Kong actor and film maker Stephen Chow describes his new film Changjiang Qihao (CJ7) as a science fiction film about love, or to be specific, the love between father and son.

The father-and-son relation was not touched on in his previous works; and science fiction is something new in Chinese cinema.

The story is about a child who becomes friends with an alien, in the form of a dog. If you can see a parallel between Chow's story and Steven Spielberg's E.T. you are right.

Chow's inspiration for this film began some 20 years ago when he saw E.T. at the theater. He was enthralled.

"I watched it many times," Chow said while promoting the film last week in Beijing.

"I was amazed that science fiction could be filmed like that. I knew then I wanted to make a movie like that.

"Spielberg's work inspired me to become a director."

The comedian who grew up in a single-parent family is not a father yet and did not have that experience to draw from. To add authenticity, Chow interviewed many fathers and also asked the child actors how their fathers behave. Memories of living with his own father, before his parents separated, also shed some light.

"My father would lie down and hold me up high in bed," Chow says.

"And I remember when I was young I wanted a toy, which made my father and mother quarrel on the street. These scenes all appear in the film."

Chow believes dogs are something both children and adults will love, so he cast a dog to play the alien.

In the film the computer-generated dog named Changjiang Qihao (CJ7, or Yangtze River Number Seven) has a big, white, furry head, cute black eyes and a green body. Chow confirms it is modeled upon his own pet BullBull. BullBull was the first dog Chow bought. One day, after BullBull got cancer, it barked at Chow who was hurrying to work. Chow did not pay attention, but later that day he was told BullBull had passed away. The guilt of not saying goodbye to his loyal friend was part of the driving force for his new work.

"The E.T. dog was the biggest challenge," Chow says.

"Most films need special effects, but in Chinese films a totally 3-D computer-generated dog has seldom tried before."

Chow invited top Hong Kong-based company, Menfond Electronic Arts, creator of the visual wonders in Jet Li's Fearless (Huo Yuanjia), to design the visual effects. Some of CJ7's facial expressions, however, were designed by Chow himself. Supervisor Eddy Wong was given the task of employing the latest technology to translate Chow's vision to the screen.

The virtual dog was a challenge to Xu Jiao, a 10-year-old girl, who plays a boy in the film. Most of the time, Xu talked to an invisible dog. But her performance was praised by Chow.

"She is a born actor and genius," he says. "She's a better actor than me."

Xu was picked from some 10,000 young hopefuls, after an 18-month audition in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities. The long-haired elementary school student is a trained actress and hosted children's art troupe in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, which is also Chow's ancestral hometown. Chow says he knew instantly when he met Xu that she could perform the role well.

She burst into tears, however, when she discovered she had to cut her long hair to play a boy, though she did not cry for long.

"Hair can grow very long within a year, but opportunity won't wait a day," she says.

The girl's clever comment explains why she was chosen by the demanding Chow.

When speaking of her challenging role, Xu is modest.

"It wasn't that difficult," she says. "I play an innocent child, and I am an innocent child."

"CJ7 is a film that makes you laugh first and cry."

Chow admitted that CJ7 is a slight departure from his previous comedies featuring slapstick humor and lowbrow dialogue. But Chow hasn't lost his touch.

During the media screening, the audience burst into laughter more than 20 times. Most journalists were congratulatory, while some predicted that the film would help Chow enter the "200 million yuan ($27 million) club" and break the box office record of Chow's own Kungfu Hustle, the second highest grossing film in Hong Kong, next to Titanic.

"This is a new kind of Chinese movie. But I hope audiences will like it," Chow says.

(Source: China Daily)


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Delon Feat. IreneIndah Pada Waktunya

Kau lihat aku di sini seutuhnya
Sendiri merasa bahagia karenamu
Setelah air mata kehilangan dan juga kecewa
Kini hanya satu yang ku percaya kau membuatku bahagia

Reff :

Jika memang ini saatnya
Mimpiku akan menjadi nyata
Ku percaya kuatnya cinta
Semuanya akan menjadi indah pada waktunya

Hadirmu semangat jiwaku karenamu
Kelembutan cintamu semua jawaban yang kudambakan
Kini hanya satu yang ku percaya kau membuatku bahagia


Jika memang ini saatnya
Mimpiku akan menjadi nyata
Ku percaya kuatnya cinta
Semuanya akan menjadi indah pada waktunya

Takkan ada kata-kata hooo hooo hooo
yang aku lukiskan perasaanku saat ini

Hooo hooo

Reff : 2x

Semuanya akan menjadi indah pada waktunya

Info lbh lanjut tentang lagunya di sini.

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| Cai Hong | Rainbow

Qu : Zhou Jie Lun
Music: Jay Chou

Ci : Zhou Jie Lun
Lyrics: Jay Chou

Translation: sesamestreet -

Na li you cai hong gao su wo
Can someone inform me where the rainbow is?

Neng bu neng ba wo de yuan wang huan gei wo

Can you return my wish back to me?

Wei shen me tian zhe mo an jing
Why is the sky still so calm?

Suo you de yun dou bao dao wo zhe li
All the clouds have amassed above me

You mei you kou zhao yi ge gei wo
Do you have a spare face mask to lend me?

Shi huai shuo le tai duo jiu cheng zhen bu liao
Because I said too much, now it will not eventuate
Ye xu shi jian shi yi zhong jie yao
Maybe time is an antidote

Ye shi wo xian zai zheng fu xia de du yao
Or the poison I'm taking right now
Kan bu jian ni de xiao wo zen me shui de zhao
Without seeing your smile, how can I sleep?

Ni de sheng yin zhe me jin wo que bao bu dao
Your voice is so close yet I cannot hug you

Mei you di qiu tai yang hai shi hui rao
The sun will continue orbiting even without the Earth existing

Mei you li you wo ye neng zi ji zou
I can walk away (from you) without a reason

Ni yao li kai wo zhi dao hen jian dan
You want to leave, I know it is (a) simple (thing)

Ni shuo yi lai shi wo men de zu ai
You said reliance was the major barrier between us

Jiu suan fang kai dan neng bu neng bie mo shou wo de ai
If you choose to let go but don't remove my love for you
Dang zuo wo zui hou cai ming bai
I'll just pretend that I understand in the end

Repeat ## **

Kan bu jian ni de xiao yao wo zen me shui de zhao
Without seeing your smile, how can I sleep?

Ni de sheng yin zhe me jin wo que bao bu dao
Your voice is so close yet I cannot hug you
Mei you di qiu tai yang kai shi hui rao … hui rao
The sun will continue orbiting even without the Earth existing…orbiting
Mei you li you wo ye neng zi ji zou diao
I can abandon you without a reason

Shi wo shuo le tai dou jiu cheng zhen bu liao
Because I said too much, now it will not eventuate

Ye xu shi jian shi yi zhong jie yao… jie yao
Maybe time is an antidote… antidote

Ye shi wo xian zai zheng fu xia de du yao
Or the poison I'm taking right now

Repeat **

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jay chow's film

Here's the synopsis from

Shi-Jie is a brilliant martial artist from the Kungfu School. The master of the school adopted him as a baby, when he was found abandoned in the woods. His remarkable kungfu skills stem from his innate intuition and ability to read his opponents moves. One day, he encounters a group of youths playing basketball and shows off how easy it is for him, with his martial arts training, to do a Slam Dunk. Watching him was Chen-Li, a shrewd businessman, who decides that he would exploit Shi-Jie to make some money. Under the guise of helping Shi-Jie to find his family, he recruits him to play varsity basketball at the local university.

By some strange coincidence, the girl that Shi-Jie has had a long-standing crush on is the sister of the basketball team’s captain, Ting-Wei. In a bid to get her attention, he acts out by challenging the team star and Li-Li’s idol Xiao-Lan, throwing off the team’s game. Ting-Wei steps in to resolve the conflict, and in the process, helping Shi-Jie to focus his energies on the game and adapting his kung fu skills for basketball.

The major rival team, lead by Lee Tien, is so ruthless they have been banned from competing in the United States. In the championship match against Ting-Wei’s team, they bride the referees to turn a blind eye to their underhanded tactics against the humble university team. In the face of all adversity, Shi-Jie and the team learn their most important lessons and pull out all the stops to win the game.

Valplast - Partial Denture

Valplast - Partial Denture

Our Flexibility means Adjustability

When you are initially fitting a Valplast partial, you have the freedom to make the same adjustments in your office that you would normally make with rigid partials. The techniques and tools vary slightly, however you still have control of the fit.
There are Valplast-specific abrasives and techniques that allow you to maintain the finish and fine tune the fit for your patient's optimal comfort. The appropriate grinding tools, polishing compounds and Valplast® Knife are available directly from Valplast International or your supplier.

Clinical Preparation
Valplast uses the Retento-Grip® tissue-bearing technique for retention. No tooth or tissue preparation is needed. The authorized processing laboratory requires only a model poured promptly and carefully from a mucostatic impression and counter-model. A wax try-in is suggested prior to completion.

Inserting Valplast Partials
Simply by placing the case in very hot tap water for approximately one minute, you can achieve a very smooth insertion and an excellent adaptation to the natural tissues of the mouth. If a clasp isn't fitting perfectly, you may adjust it slightly by immersing that area of the partial in hot water and bending the clasp outward or inward as needed.

If any reduction is needed due to persistent irritation, the resin must be handled differently than acrylic. We recommend a #13 Green Mounted Stone, typically used for porcelain, to quickly reduce the surface yet leave it very smooth. If any threads remain, you may remove them with a sharp blade and smooth any roughness with a brown rubber wheel. You may then repolish the surface with Acrylux®150, Brown Tripoli and the Mirror-ShineTM polishing compound.

Adding teeth to Valplast
As the structure and conditions of your patient's mouth change over time, additions and relines can also be made with help from your lab.

To add teeth, take an alginate impression with the case in place in the mouth. Then remove the case from the mouth while still in the impression, making certain that all pastes, adhesives, or lubricants have been removed and the partial is fully seated in the impression. Pour the model promptly and forward it to the laboratory with your instructions.

Rebasing Valplast
To rebase a Valplast partial, begin by taking the rubber base impression under the case. To assure full and correct occlusion as the rubber base material sets inside the partial, your patient's mouth should be closed. When the rubber base impression has set, take an overall alginate impression. As you remove the case from the mouth inside the impression, make certain the case is positioned correctly in the impression. Pour the model promptly and send it to the laboratory without separating the denture from the model.