Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tips of Hacking Reality - with geeky flair!

If reality is truly made up of highly compressed information and/or is holographic in nature then we should be able to hack our physical world just like a large computer system.
"The Reality Hacker" site is taking all the cool new theoretical spiritual/scientific blends out of the seemingly endless discussion stage and getting down to some serious quantum action. "We have already had some wild results and a few really weird accidents with the more complex things we are working with."

What do you get when you dive headlong into unbridled spiritual exploration guided only by computer hacking concepts, comic books, movies and theories from quantum physics? The answer: reality hacking.
Reality hacking is based on a popular theory that our physical world is actually made up of little more than highly compressed information. If this is true then our entire world is very similar to the computers we use every day. This means that reality itself can be "hacked" — broken into and manipulated — just like any other large computer system.
"It's an outlandish idea," says reality hacker Lisa Bruder. "And it gets even crazier when you begin to realize that you can pull material from literally any source and it can potentially work.
I actually got the idea for reality hacking from a comic book that pointed out that reality is just another operating system and that magic spells are a messy attempt at hacking it. I stopped dead in my tracks and wondered why something like that had not occurred to me before! Soon, I was figuring out ways to work the idea for real. Like information from any fictional (or non-fictional) source, it needed some serious tweaking, but dang it worked."

Here is how reality hacking works:
The idea is that there are small weaknesses in our reality—parts that are thinner and more pliable. (Interestingly enough, Lisa got the idea of "thinner reality" from the same comic book series) A few quick examples of these thin areas include sacred spaces, highly emotional group settings or virtual reality environments. Any place that alters consciousness and fools the brain into temporarily loosening its death grip on physical reality will probably work.
The thin areas are then exploited by applying an experimental hack – usually a combination of mixed spiritual practice, modified ideas from fictional sources rounded out with a good dose of hardwired technology. If the hacking combination is successful, something weird and unexplainable will happen that everyone can see and experience. If the results are good enough, another hack will be stacked on top of the first one to worm in even further. The process is repeated again and again, going deeper and deeper, getting more and more creative as each bizarre twist and turn is explored—uncovering larger and stranger effects.

"The process for hacking reality is very similar to cracking a computer, but it requires a unique brand of instinct, on-the-fly creative thinking, spiritual training and some impressive mental adjustments," continues Bruder. "Learning to stop thinking in only three dimensions may be our biggest ongoing challenge.
We are teaching ourselves to wade into a rippling, liquid environment where linear formulas and rigid 'logical' thinking almost never apply."
It also doesn't hurt to be willing to look a bit foolish at times.
"I always look like a dork when I'm actually running a hack stack," laughs Bruder. "I'm either doing some very noisy breathing exercise, building or borrowing some strange structure, referring to a scene from a Star Wars movie like it's a serious scientific source, or wearing various layers of goggles, headphones and biofeedback sensors."

If you decide that reality hacking is something you want to explore, here are three tips to help you get your toes wet:
1. Become a Mad, Wild, Crazy Spiritual Alchemist
Don't get stuck in rule-bound spiritual applications. Follow your instincts instead. Play with new combinations, share ideas, finger-paint with tradition and mix it up.
2. Don't Kill the Quantum
The fluid world is around us all the time. Sometimes we even manage to stumble into contact with it and have an extraordinary and unexplainable experience. Unfortunately, these rare and fantastic experiences are so alien to our established sense of reality that our first instinct is to clamp the experience off and pretend it didn’t happen. As soon as you can train yourself to not explain away random spiritual events you will be ready for the next reality hacking tip.
3. Follow Your "Hackcidents"
This tip is the simplest idea of the three and probably the most powerful. A "hackcident" is spiritual accident that can be reverse engineered into a stable reality hack.
Here's how you do it: Instead of shutting down an extraordinary event — follow it. Don’t run away from a reality-bending experience. Train yourself to run towards it. Shove your foot in the door and start scootching your way in. Ask questions. What is this? How is it happening? Why is it happening? Muster every bit of your curiosity, knowledge, personal training and sense of adventure and put it to work. See if you can find out more about what this thing is and how it might function. This is your White Rabbit. Learn to follow it all the way down the rabbit hole and you just might find Wonderland.

"The fun part is that you don't have to be a professional scientist or a highly developed monk or yogi in order to understand reality hacking concepts or use them effectively," says Bruder. " You just have to be ready to break every rule of reality, work in some wild, warped gray areas and generally operate so far outside the box that you can mix hard science and ancient spirituality with comic books and video games to make something happen."
It is definitely fun, often messy and even scary at moments!

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