Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nayantara Tattoo

Super Model Nicola McLean T@pless Shoot on Beach

I'll maybe wake up for this. Maybe.

Just in stock from Think Geek is the Alien Hunt Alarm Clock ($18.99). It’s not everyday that you find an interactive waker-upper; one that you must shoot with a pistol in order to keep on snoozing. Here’s how it works, via TG’s always witty product copy:

“The greenish egg on the top of this clock may look innocent until it’s time to wake up. When the alarm goes off a alien pops out of the egg with flashing red eyes and beings laughing evilly at you. Pick up the included laser pistol from your bedside table and blast the Alien into oblivion to shut it up.”

We can only imagine that accuracy is key here, so during the trials of missing shot after shot, we might just throw this thing up against the wall. Otherwise, it’s a great invention! The alarm clock comes packaged with the aforementioned pistol and was designed in the UK.

via The Jailbreak


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Leaf Him At The Altar

Too Good For Him

Domestic Goddess

Cover Me In Petals

Teal We Meet Again

What's A Tire Jack?

Ocean Love Potion

Couple-a gadgets

Sedona Scene

1. Apple's iPad

Apple spam on their new gadget:
Man, them Apple boys are smart.
Like I'm going to run out to the Apple store and stand around to look at their crappy new toy.
I'm not going because the place will be overrun with other people going to look at Apple's crappy new widget.

2. Cisco's Valet
Cisco has a new gadget too. It's supposed to be a kinder, gentler, easier to setup/use wireless router:

It's called Valet,
It works for iMac, so I might try that one out.
Now, all we need is a kinder, gentler home entertainment setup dealie. Man, that would scoop up the dollars.

3. Obama's Crackberry
Our ever-so-serious President has religious gadget:

"I get a daily devotional on my BlackBerry which is a, is a wonderful thing."
- President Obama on not attending church services
Religion aside, that's a fave metaphor for President Obama, period.

4. Bill's Fantasy Baseball Team
I have Brandon Webb on my fantasy baseball team... a mid-late round flier.

"Webb (shoulder) threw seven pitches from the front of the mound on Sunday morning, the Arizona Republic reports."
- Brandon Webb news update
You follow that with a quote from Webb's AZ manager, AJ Hinch: "He's not game ready or anything like that."
Um. Duh.
he he... yow, bill

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

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What Would Pete Think?

Ok. I have to admit Lisa Fox's story about her Uncle Russell inspired me to write this post. Her post got me to thinking about those things in our lives that, if we did not grow up in the Episcopal Church, might have been the "prequel" to our finding TEC as our church home.

Now, for at least two and a half decades, I would have told you that this man, Wellington Buel (aka "Pete") Stewart, was one of the people who encouraged me to go to medical school and, ultimately, lead me to a career in pathology, even though he died before I ever graduated from medical school. But it was only in recent years that I have come to realize he also posthumously led me to the Episcopal Church, in some ways. The photo above is of him when he was chair of Pathology at the University of Kentucky Medical School, in 1960--the year of my birth.

I knew Pete from my Amateur Radio ("ham" radio) activities in the 1970's-1980's. But the part that was lost to me back then, and has grown over the years, is that I realize he was a loyal Episcopalian, and a member of Calvary Episcopal Church in Columbia, MO. Pete was one of those guys who didn't really "talk church" much, but I now realize he was one of those guys who led "a secret life of faith." He simply mentioned "heading off for church" or "getting back from church" in a matter of fact way, or things would come up in the conversation that exuded what I would call "A comfortable faith." It was "just part of him."

Church was simply "part of the 'fit' in his life." He didn't ever get too worked up about church politics or the details of sermons. He was the kind of person who was more likely to go to the early service than the late one. He was old school, and deep down inside, he was a "Rite I" sort of guy, and was not crazy about a lot of singing, preferring the spoken service. But his love for the Book of Common Prayer showed through every now and then.

At the time, I was living my life as a "disaffected LCMS Lutheran." Once in a while, we'd discuss deeper subjects over a beer. I distinctly remember his classic line when we were talking about prayer--what it was, what it does, and speculating "how it works." He used to say, "I don't pray anything that isn't in the Book of Common Prayer." At the time, I thought he was being a stodgy, unimaginative old fart. Now that the BCP and I are old friends, I realize his words had more to do with the fact there is probably something in the BCP to use as a "jump starter" for any possible prayer, and that the BCP has had so much thought in it, it truly has an almost universal quality to its ability to "fit the situation."

Only once in my exile did he ever bring up anything even halfway close to the "E" word--evangelism. We were doing the "discussing deeper subjects over a beer" thing at the old Heidelberg restaurant/bar in Columbia, MO (the one that burned, for you natives) and we were discussing my self-imposed exile from the LCMS. He very matter-of-factly, without missing the timing of his beer-swigging, "Have you ever thought about coming with Polly and me to Calvary sometime? Everything you're mad at about church, it's not an issue with us. We ordain women. Our theology is based on the Incarnation, not about guilt or shame for your sins, or "boy, oh boy, aren't you lucky Jesus died for you." It's not about that stuff. It's a theology for thinking people, and really, the way your mind works, you'd actually make a very good Episcopalian."

Then he sort of winked and added, "Of course, in the beginning, we might have to let you in the side door," then quickly said, "Not really--I'm kidding. Seriously, you could even go up for the Eucharist the first time you visited."

But nope...nope...I was still more interested in being mad, I guess.

I did, however, go to the rail at his funeral Eucharist. I had remembered his words. I wonder sometime if that wafer planted a seed, albeit a very slowly germinating one.

Seventeen years later, I began to regularly attend Trinity.

I think about him now and then when we do Prayers of the People and remember the dead, especially when the week of his birthday and the week of the date of his death rolls around. I wonder sometimes if he's sitting among the company of Heaven on those Sundays and hears me think it, and tells the gathered company, "I KNEW IT! See, I knew this was a fit! It just took a long time, that's all, but I WAS RIGHT!" I do muse now and then in church, "I wonder if Pete can believe it? Yeah, he probably can and does." I worry now and then he is scrapping with my late friend Debby for dibs on the credit. I imagine Debby credits her role in all of it, too.

When I think these things, I do have one unfulfilled longing. I do long for one time, that I can feel him sitting in the pew beside me. I think I would like, just once, to feel he and I have transcended a boundary and have "attended the service together." There's a lot there to thank him for, and I think I have felt that I have thanked him for everything in this life he did for me sufficiently except this one little leftover part. Maybe some Sunday, I will feel it. I hope so.

5 favourite... NAIL POLISHES

Based on colour, texture & quality, here are my top 5 nail polishes that I love wearing:

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What's your top 5 favourite nail polishes?


This is totally going to get me through my Tuesday. SO TACKY, I HATE IT I CAN'T STOP WATCHING. I'll be learning this dance move all afternoon, thanks.

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Dr. Manhattan

Dr. Manhattan action figure. He he.

Dr. Manhattan: I'm leaving this galaxy for one a little less complicated.
Laurie: I thought you said you cared about life again.
Dr. Manhattan: I do. I think I'll create some.
- "Watchmen"
And speaking of radiation: Geneva atom smasher sets collision record

Fun stuff, and I love the people worried about them creating a black hole right there in Geneva. At least it's not Geneva, IL. Probably crap, but I'll bet they can't disprove it. Sort of like the Manhattan Project no knowing what the hell they were doing at the start. Hey, maybe that'll be the plot of "Watchmen 2". He he.
great movie... yow, bill

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