Monday, May 31, 2010

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys opened a recording studio in Long Island, New York, called The Oven Studios, which she co-owns with her production and songwriting partner Kerry "Krucial" Brothers. The studio was designed by renowned studio architect John Storyk of WSDG, designer of Jimi Hendrix' Electric Lady Studios. Alicia Keys and Brothers are the co-founders of KrucialKeys Enterprises, a production and songwriting team who assisted Keys in creating her albums as well as create music for other artists.

Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen wanted to be a professional volleyball player and considered playing for the Brazilian team, Sogipa. While in school, Gisele Bundchen was so thin that her friends used to call her "OlĂ­via Palito" (Portuguese for Olive Oyl, Popeye's skinny girlfriend) and "Saracura" (a type of Brazilian shorebird).

Tattoo Design

Eyeko review

I was kindly sent some products to try out from the company Eyeko.

I'm sure you have all heard of this brand, and it is especially well known here in the UK.
They do ship internationally however, so everybody should check out their website ;)

Anyway, here are the goodies I was sent:

The products came in this cute little Eyeko bag.

I received 3 pretty nail polishes from the Spring/Summer 2010 collection and a new product called Graffiti Eyeliner Pen.

I was super excited! :D

The Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen:

I am hopeless when it comes to liquid liner, and therefore rarely use it. I am one of those people who can NEVER apply a liquid liner correctly, it always ends up uneven and smudged...

So when I received this I was a bit hesitant to say the least. But of course I had to try out the product and to my great surprise I actually managed to draw a decent line! It's all down to the precision brush nib which is super easy to control! I managed to draw a thin line and a thick line and the felt-like tip doesn't have too much product on it so I didn't make a mess like I usually do :D 

The colour I received is a fierce purple, as it says on the website, and here is a hand swatch
(one light stroke only making a thick line and a thin line - check out the colour pay off!)

Now, I rarely use purple as I'm not sure it really suits me, but this comes in 4 colours, so I am definitely going to get a black one and maybe the navy blue one too... ;)

To sum up, I was pleasantly surprised by this product! It retails at £5 which is awsome. And I also have to mention that when I applied the liner on saturday, it lasted all day and night. Another major plus. Although the colour wasn't 100% 'me', it definitely impressed me enough to want to invest in some other colours :)

The Eyeko Nail Polishes:

I love nail polishes, so I was extremely excited about trying out these great new colours.

First of all, the packaging is super adorable! The nail polishes each have a unique design and a cute little 'saying' that describes the colour and the mood.

Here are some swatches of the 3 polishes I was sent (excuse my poor dry cuticles):

Coral Polish
Dreaming of Ipanema beach? This flattering coral bright will get your toes resort-ready.

Tea Rose Polish
A soft pink cream that is the picture of pastoral elegance.

Vampira Polish
Dare to wear this lust-worthy glossy black lacquer dripping with blood red shimmer.

I quite like all 3, but the dusky rose coloured one is my favourite! It will look even better when I have a tan :)

The Coral one is such a fun, bright (!) colour. It's very easy to apply, just two applications and the colour really POPs!

Vampira is more of a night time kind of colour, to me anyway. It was a little bit harder to apply evenly than the other two.

So that's the 3 colours I was sent. Looking at the different polishes on the website though, I already have my eyes on two more...

Vintage Polish and Lilac Polish look amazing, and at £3.50 you really can't go wrong.

Overall, I am very impressed by the Eyeko products I was sent. They have definitely left me wanting more :)

Have you tried any of Eyeko's products? What can you recommend?


Illustrator Dan Reese makes these amazing hand painted sneakers and is taking orders.

via illusion 360


a) 70-something years of S&P
Just a quick snapshot of S&P 500 returns for the past 70-something years, sorted in descending order: Stockbee S&P thingie

The top 10 best and worst years seemed interesting to me.
Of the best 10 S&P years, 5 of those top-performing years occurred between 1927-1936:
  • 1927 37.5%,
  • 1928 43.6%,
  • 1933 54.0%,
  • 1935 47.7%,
  • 1936 33.9%
Of the worst 10 S&P years, 3 of those occurred since 2001:
  • 2001 -11.9%,
  • 2002 -22.1%,
  • 2008 -37.0%
Also, year 2000 had a negative return of -9.1%.
I think it's interesting to note, as well, than only 11 years of 70+ had declines of greater than 10%. In contrast, we've seen 18 years with gains of 30% or more!

b) Obama BP snapback
We had a rationality test a couple posts back regarding media coverage of President Obama and the BP oil spill. That was fun.

Since then, I have been taken aback a bit by the ferocity of the snapback in media coverage to bolster President Obama as REALLY REALLY on top of this oil thing and that he REALLY REALLY cares too. In just a few days, we hear that the President is "caring", "competent", "heartbroken", and (my fave from yahoo) he's digging in to "face a difficult challenge!". Wow. This is all very encouraging 40 days into the spill here.

But nothing says it better than pictures, right. Below, President Obama actually touches the sand to show his concern and how REALLY REALLY involved he is in the whole process.

He he. Crock a shit.

c) Rationality Test, cont.
Hey, you lefties can add this one to the rationality test:

Is it OK for some anti-Palin author to rent the house next to hers,
so that he can spy on Sarah Palin and family?

Or, is it creepy?
Some WaPo chick votes "creepy".

"Plow through all the papers, interview all the sources you want.
But seizing the opportunity to live next door is creepy."

- WaPo chick on the loser who moved in next to Sarah Palin, Palin doesn't need this neighbor.
That's an easy call, but jeez, at least she got it right.

I am wont to recall some rightie nut jobs moving in next door to leftie pols. In addition to being "creepy", this seems like an escalation. Maybe I'm wrong. I don't think so though.
happy mem day... yow, bill

PS - Late addition... my fave BP rant on the radio this morning was a lady mad at Britain. He he.

Rain Rain Go Away

I've been sick all week which isn't fun... today it was pouring down rain. This is how I spent my day.
I wrote a few letters that are way overdue!
I watched a movie that makes me happy.
I sorted out a bunch of my fabrics... here are my new favourites from spotlight.
I resized a bunch of photos of Dave's tattoos.
I also drank many an imaginary cup of tea from this little missy.

Flavor Of The Week- Christine Mendoza

Have a good week.

Lauren Conrad's Style

Ever since I heard that Lauren Conrad is bringing out a book with her own personal style tips, I have been re-living my old LC 'girl crush', looking through pictures of her and admiring her style and beauty.

This book is going to be amazing!

Some of my favourite Lauren looks:

Outfits, hair, makeup - perfection.

Are you as excited about Lauren's book as I am?