Saturday, July 24, 2010

Baseball trip 2010

a) Two Pols
I only know of two pols that make the grade. I heart Chris Christie, Jersey gov, and Michelle Rhee, head of the Washington DC schools. Mz. Rhee made the WSJ today because she (gasp!) fired 241 crappy teachers.

When someone tells you that you can't test or evaluate teachers or students, watch their lips... cause they're fibbing.

There's a fundamental difference between Michelle Rhee and President Obama... she walks the walk. Her kids attend public school in Washington DC.

"My hope is that many of them improve, but at the same time, we need to make sure the bar is high. I've got two children in the system, and I don't want a 'minimally effective teacher' and I don't think anyone else does, either."
- Michelle Rhee, on firing poor teachers in her Washington DC school district
b) Baseball Trip 2010
This year's baseball trip was a driver: Min, KC, and Stl.
My flickr photo set tells some of the story.

Some stats:
  1. 8 days
  2. 6 states: IL, WI, MN, IO, MO, and Kansas for 10 minutes... a little navigation problem getting to KC. He he.
  3. 1,450+ miles
  4. 3 ballgames: Sock @ Min, Tor @ KC, Phi @ Stl
  5. Lots of exploring, frisbee, museums, and fun!
We had a GREAT time. Duh.
It's a wonderful life.
baseball trip... yow, bill

c) Mint Condition
Book: "Mint Condition" by Dave Jamieson
Review: 4 bill-stars (out of 5)... great fun!

Needless to say, Mint Condition is written for the geekiest of the geeks... male baseball card collectors. Well, I'm certainly not copping to my baseball card addiction in a public forum like this; I kind of enjoy dating and contact with the opposite gender. But Mint Condition is a wonderful journey through the rise and fall of collecting baseball cards.

"The promo girls were wearing skimpy umpire-themed outfits, with snug black-and-white tops, and head-turning shorts. I would expect to see these bubbly coeds handing out Coors Light key chains at the local sports bar, but I was more than a little surprised to run into them at a baseball card show. They doled out free packs of sports cards to a procession of forty- and fifty-something men who blushed and fumbled for words. The scene was hard to watch."
- baseball cards aren't much for kids any more, "Mint Condition" page 240
Yes, baseball cards are deader than a door nail with kids today.
  1. Football has replaced baseball as the national sport,
  2. Video games and computers dominate the time and energy of young boys, and
  3. The baseball card companies have priced their cards for adult collectors, not kids
An interesting side story in Mint Condition was the exercise of free markets and capitalism that has been in place for more than 100 years of baseball cards. The creativity and imagination and energy that went into so many of these products to make them better, different, popular was an inspiration.
don kessinger 1966 rookie card... yow, bill

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