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Sleeve tattoos are pieces of body art that's performed on the limbs of the body and tend to wrap around the limb in a sleeve-like fashion. Done in 3 different ways: quarter sleeve, half sleeve and full sleeve, this type of tattoo is now one of the most popular types of body art performed.

Sleeve Tattoo Designs - Tribal, Japanese and Dragon Tattoos Around Your Arms Or Legs
Sleeve tattoos, like every other type of tattoo tend to have their most prominent and most common types of designs. For example: Tribal, Japanese and Dragon sleeve tattoos are constantly requested in tattoo parlours throughout the world.


Sleeve Tattoo Designs - Tribal, Japanese and Dragon Tattoos Around Your Arms Or Legs
Tribal, Japanese and Dragon tattoo designs generally have a very artistic and spiritual look and appeal to the tattoo and are therefore very popular among male tattoo enthusiasts. Females who enjoy getting tattoos rendered tend to go for more feminine artwork, such as flowers and animal sleeve tattoos.

Frankenstein's Pop Culture Monster

"I am the pop and the culture and the life." Frankenstein's monster resurrected as a cartoon creature. Resurrection Immortality by Ron English.

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Brand new.

Running shoes.
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Damn. Two at the same time. What a day.
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Salma Hayek’s Hot Cleavage

Salma Hayek’s Hot Cleavage

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In The Studio with Steve Gadsden: Michael Kulas

Michael Kulas, former lead singer of UK band James, will be coming through the studio in the next couple weeks recording his new solo work with Tattoo's mastermind Steve Gadsden. Everyone is looking forward to what magic this collaboration will bring.

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Music: Reporter

Reporter are a three piece from Portland, Oregon doing what I am really happy to describe as Goth Disco. I'm sure comparisons can easily be drawn from Crystal Castles latest album. But these guys don't seem like they'd spit in your face...and I like that.

Stream their entire album here:

Artist: Joshua Datu

via joshuadatu.com

Joshua is a multidisciplinary artist and designer specializing in the areas of visual communication and idea development. He is a graduate student of Fine Art at Central Saint Martin's College of Art & Design, London.

To see more of Joshua's work visit his website here.