Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jagger Supergroup

Jagger Supergroup

Jagger Supergroup. Jagger & Supergroup, For the first time since the Rolling Stones was formed nearly 50 years ago, Mick Jagger is part of a new band: Super Heavy – with Dave Stewart, Joss Stone, Damian Marley and India AR Rahman soundtrack composer. The band has been recording together in silence for the past 18 months, with their debut LP planned for sometime around September. “It’s unlike anything else I’ve been involved in,” says Jagger, Rolling Stone. “The music is very broad. – From ballads to reggae to Indian songs in urdu”
The group was started two years ago, when Dave Stewart called Jagger from her home in Jamaica. “I live in Lima Hall right above St. Ann’s Bay,” says Stewart. “It’s kind of the jungle, and sometimes I listen to three sound systems of all things different game. I’ve always liked that, along with orchestras from India. I told Mick, ‘How could we do a merger? We were talking about an experiment, and then started talking about the voices. Born all of that conversation. ”

Jagger loved the idea, and after many calls for the exchange of ideas and the phone in the world, settled in Rock, AR Rahman and Marley – whose rhythm section helped to deepen the band. “We wanted a convergence of different musical styles,” says Jagger. “I always overlap different styles, but they were nevertheless different.”

About 18 months ago, the band gathered in a studio in Los Angeles. None of them had prepared all the music. “We did not know what the hell we were doing,” says Stewart. “We were doing an interference and noise. It was like when a band first started in his garage. Damien sometimes kick and then Joss to sing something on top of it. We may have a backlog of 22 minutes, and become a six-minute song. ”

The release method was inspiring to Jagger. “One of the beauties is, simply speaking as a vocalist, I did other things,” says Jagger. “I played guitar and harmonica, but there are four vocals on the album. It all depended on me.” The group’s name came from some improvised voice of Marley. “He was just singing ‘heavy, heavy, heavy, heavy and super heavy,’” says Stewart. “We thought it sounded good and that kind of stuck with us.”

Jagger is convinced that fans Stones cover group. “It’s a different kind of record that people expect,” he says. “Not everything is weird and strange though. I think the fans stones are thought to be a bit strange, but find most accessible. They have heard me play the harmonica before and many of them is very high energy.”

As of now, no plans to bring Super Heavy on the road. “We are experiencing at the moment and just take it day by day,” says Stewart. “I think if we’re rehearsing and it sounds great and people love the idea so no one is ruling out the possibility of it.”

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