Sunday, May 29, 2011

jennifer lopez home video

Jennifer Lopez home video
Jennifer Lopez home video. Jennifer Lopez Home Video To Be Released. Singing sensation Jennifer Lopez recently took her former husband to court and lost a case against him that would have blocked him from selling a home video of Lopez that is said to be “intimate.”

Lopez and Ojani Noa were married from 1997-1998, just as Lopez’s career was beginning to take off. the couple divorced and both signed a confidentiality agreement that prohibits Noa from banking off of Lopez’s success. The smart, or sleazy, ex managed to find a loophole in the agreement that would allow him to give away items or information once owned by J-Lo. Noa gave the intimate home video to his current girlfriend to sell.

Lopez took the case to court, but lost.

Noa’s girlfriend, Consuela Vasquez, is currently in talks with film producers, and the ‘Selena’ actress’s private moments may soon be available for personal viewing pleasure.


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