Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Justin Bieber's $25,000 necklace

Justin Bieber's $25,000 necklace
Justin Bieber's $25,000 necklace. Justin Bieber has a lot of money. Enough to buy himself a $25,000 necklace of Stewie from The Family Guy. It’s made of 12 carats of diamonds and rubies set in white gold.
Jeweler Jason Arasheben told TMZ, that it was a collaborative effort and that Bieber ”had a specific vision for how he wanted it to look.”

It’s really quite cute but a 17 year old with a $25k necklace is so uncommon it’s a bit strange to me. It’s actually strange to me for an adult to have a necklace that expensive. Then again all things being equal $25 k to him is probably NOTHING. It’s still nothing compared to Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring.

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