Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • kiljoy616
    Apr 21, 03:44 PM
    This really is not a issue in my opinion. Smart phones have tons of data stored on them and if its really not being sent, whats the harm. If someone were to get my phone and read my info, they will be as excited as I used to be in PE class. First the DUI checkpoints now this. Is there something more important for them to look into? Like a Budget and ( insert concern here ) :)

    Now if your a bad boy or girl, I can see this becoming a Court Evidence Issue in the near future. But until then, remember the NSA scans calls randomly for "our safety" Bigger issues than this in the world of privacy.

    You really don't know much about the state of things, just be glad their are millions of us. Your illogical thoughts remind me of forfeiture laws which most people say will not impact them until they do and then what?

    I bought a phone for certain things, I did not buy the phone for Apple Inc. or anyone else to be able to use it against me for any reason what ever that reason might be. But I do see how most people can not perceive that it could be a dangerous precedence when their world is small and limited.

    So if your getting your Dexter on its best to leave the phone at home.:D

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  • Rodimus Prime
    Feb 23, 11:53 PM
    on a random note just so you know switching to diesel you need to improve your MPG by around 30% for the switch to be carbon neutral. Remember Diesel as a lot more carbon in it per unit volume than unleaded.

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  • MattG
    Nov 29, 02:43 PM
    For the love of god Steve, you need to come out with a TiVo/Media Center PC KILLER. I would love to see that.

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  • KnightWRX
    May 2, 06:04 PM
    LOL! Yeah... and I remember crashing faster than you click your mouse on those systems. Windows 3.0 and 3.1 were a mess. But of course... most things were back then. how far we've come.

    Uh ? You say the crashing is somehow related to pre-emptive multi-tasking and yet you talk about Windows 3.0 and 3.1 which had... cooperative multi-tasking ? :confused:

    I was talking about Unix systems on 386s (think BSD, think SCO UnixWare, think early Linux). Those had true pre-emptive multi-tasking and they didn't "crash faster than you click your mouse". (heck, my first DOS computer had no mouse and I don't think it ever crashed).

    Crashing has nothing to do with the type of multi-tasking.

    I think what he is saying is that programs that are actually doing work in the background can continue running, while those that aren't can suspend iOS style. That is how Lion works. It brings the benefits of both iOS & Mac OS.

    What's working ? Is a program that's sitting in its idle loop waiting on a listen() operation not working ? Is a program that's firing a heartbeat every X seconds not working ?

    Are we that ressource limited that we need to suspend these programs and have system level services to do these tasks, which the programs will register with on launch ? What's the benefit of a system level service vs the program doing it itself ?

    Let's face it, it's not like a program sitting in the background is digging into the CPU much with a idle loop...

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  • blackstarliner
    Oct 24, 06:22 AM
    swiss site also down

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  • designed
    Mar 22, 08:23 PM
    Congrats to designed for reaching 1 million.
    Thanks! It didn't take that long after all. I guess folding with a MP is a bit different from folding with a PS3 and a Core Duo :D

    thanks for the links! yes, designed is kicking some butt! i wonder what his times per frame are

    I'm assuming that frame times refer to the steps FahCore reports? If that's the case, they seem to be around the 33 minute mark to do the 1% of the bigadv-package.

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  • Doctor Q
    Apr 26, 12:47 PM
    I doubt any legal battle between titans is a simple case, even if it appears so to us laypersons.

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  • elrock
    Sep 9, 07:02 PM
    I am looking for a cheap, simple case with a clip to wear on my gym clothes when I am exercising. I'm not interested in an armband contraption. If you come across any such case/clip combos, please share. Thanks.

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  • ErikCLDR
    Feb 7, 04:32 PM
    2005 LR3 SE, mountain road in Northern New Hampshire

    Very nice, how's yours holding up?

    My parents have '07 LR3 and an '07 Range Rover sport. Both have been very reliable aside from some software issues in the RRS that were quickly sorted out. There have been a couple little things but overall they have been much more reliable than our previous Discoveries.

    We had an LR4 as a loaner and it's like night and day over the LR3. The interior is significantly nicer and the ride is smoother.

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  • shartypants
    Mar 25, 09:02 PM
    Awesome! I can't wait! I like how the iPad becomes a different screen for the game.

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  • Transporteur
    Feb 26, 12:25 PM
    1xpain in the ass yellow labrador...

    :D Awesome!

    Great setup by the way. Looks great. Some more high res pictures would be nice, though. ;)

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  • balamw
    Sep 6, 06:27 PM
    Personally, I wouldn't want to DL a large movie file without the option of being able to burn it to DVD so I can have that tangible hard copy that makes me feel safe and warm. Then I wouldn't have a problem deleting it off of my hard drive.
    What's stopping you from doing that now?

    I know I have all of my iTMS video backed up to data DVDs...

    I know I won't be spending $10-$15 for anything less than DVD quality though, so I hope there's either a rental model or at least 480p.


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  • PowerFullMac
    Jan 12, 01:02 PM
    for me, this would go into the "who cares" column. i don't need another notebook no matter how thin it is. what i need is a sub notebook. i don't believe a thinner notebook would garner all of this much attention. not a big enough deal. not the apple style. MacBook Air. i have to say no way.

    i'll go out on a limb and say the "air" has something to do with a new wireless network to replace the stupid EDGE network.

    Maybe its not just thinner, maybe its got some special feautre(s)! Or maybe it has a multi-touch display!

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  • AlphaDogg
    Feb 18, 05:07 PM
    I want that poster!!! Where did you get it?

    Which poster? The SJ poster?

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  • mefck
    Apr 26, 02:57 PM
    And for all the non-legal "experts" out there.

    Windows can be trademarked because while it is a generic term, it is not a generic term that describes the product or service.

    If "Windows" was a window company, it could not be trademarked because it is a generic terms that describes the product or service.

    A huge difference.

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  • Otaillon
    Jan 9, 08:58 AM
    I was finally able to take my own pics of my just acquired '88 BMW 325is with M50B25TU engine swap. Darn this car is quick and handles so very well.

    Don't mind my nerdy self, It's who I am and I have come to accept it over a decade ago:D

    This car is just perfect! Congratulations on the new purchase!

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  • Reverend Wally
    Jan 1, 08:34 PM
    OK ....

    This is what will happen at MWSF.

    A new technology will be introduced. About 2 minutes after that a wavering shimmer will appear on stage and "POP" ... A capsule will appear, and out of it will climb an iAndroid which in reality will be an android built by future Apple, Inc. and will have Steve Job's brain installed in it. He will then announce that as a result of the previously announced new technonlogy the iTraveler, an Apple time travel machine was made possible and was built in the future enabling him to come back in his new android body to show us all just how truly advanced Apple has really become.

    Then we will all gather to sing "We Are The World" to bring the MWSF to a dramatic and exciting climax.


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  • toddybody
    Apr 19, 12:06 PM
    Dream config :

    Desktop Sandy Bridge CPU (difference being in the PCIe channels available)
    Good quality hard drive for mass storage but...
    Possibility to instal SSD in the same form factor that the MBA (and giving it its own data channel)
    Desktop GPUs
    at least 2 Full Thunderbolt ports (again the mobile version of Sandy bridge doesn't offer enough data channel to allow this)

    Get a grip dude. That sounds way too reasonable for Apple to do it;)

    I agree on all points (with exception of the MBA SS reference...not sure what you mean. Dual HDD bays are plenty sufficient for me. One 64GB SSD, one conventional TB HDD)

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  • hyperpasta
    Sep 1, 03:40 PM
    you can always wish but there is no chance in hell we will see this kind of pricing.

    Maybe. But this is a lineup I would wish for in January. The pricing is meant to reflect what I would expect them. Also remember that the Mac mini was replaced with the Mac Cube, which would use cheaper, larger components.

    EDIT: Oh, and I wouldn't dream of it actually happening. I think it COULD, but it WON'T.

    Mar 4, 03:06 PM
    If you buy a truck or SUV because you want to tow or haul, drive offroad or use it for work, fine. If you bought it because you're being "protective", then, yes, that is a selfish motivation.

    Larger SUV's and trucks often do suffer fewer driver fatalities, so in some ways they are safer (in the US), but that is because they force smaller vehicles to absorb most of the impact during a crash. Also, the rollover risk remains high, so that the "protection" you are buying is pretty conditional and may come at the expense of other people's lives.

    If you want to debate it further I suggest we start another thread though, so we can keep this one on-topic.

    I have no desire to debate anything. I was just very surprised to see it written that small cars are safer than Trucks and SUV's. I just wanted to know where I could go and read that information myself. You are the one who started the name calling! What a European, effete-snob calls selfish, this American calls a primal urge to survive. What I am really curious about is why you have such a control issue that you feel the need to tell anyone else what they are allowed to drive. One thing I like about being an American is that I don't have to prove a "need" to buy and drive a Full-Size Truck. I can and do drive anything I want to buy and drive. You seem to be socialist that wants to control every aspect of other peoples lives. If you want to force me to drive what you want then you'd better bring some help, cause this American is not going to give up my personal freedoms!

    As far as you judging others as being selfish. That is a judgement. My belief regarding judgement is that anyone has the right to agree or disagree with anyone. But no one has the right to judge another person. Only the creator has that right.

    Mar 24, 01:42 PM
    Meh, yes and no. For their integrated desktops (iMac)...pws and space are certainly an issue (especially since it doesn't have an accessibly PCI E slot for heavens sake. Now for MP's on the other hand...I dont think it would be an issue: accessible PCI E slots + ample chassis space + stock PWS capable of handling an HD 5870 or Crossfired 5770's. A 6970 shouldnt be a problem.

    anyways(no snarkiness implied)...who said crossfire wasnt supported? The MacPro CAN be configured with 2x5770's.

    There may be space in the Macbook Pros for a non-mobile video card, but the impact to battery life would be way beyond what I think Apple would tolerate.

    Jul 18, 08:45 AM
    So, if the new itunes video store can rent rent movies at .99 cents for a 3-5 day unlimited viewing I'm in. At 1.99 I might rent a few at 2.99 I really doubt it. at 4.99 no way in hell.

    100% agree with this. Right now i can walk into the video store and get 3 dvds for $5(canadian) for 3 days. I can rip them to view later if i don't get around to them in the 3 days (I almost alway delete the ripped files within a week, i don't need to keep em).

    It has to be cheap. Cause it'll be in no way "instant gratification" or more convient then driving walking to the video store.

    Aug 16, 11:20 AM
    I think they'll use 802.11 for wireless. That way, I can stream my music from iPod to Airport Express directly. Although Firewire/USB will still be the primary I/O.

    That's what I'm talking about...I'd love that capability.

    Sep 6, 09:54 AM
    Is it just me, or does the $599 mini *not* let you configure it with a DVD burner?

    You're right and that sucks. :(

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